Heavy Range Premium Line

Designed for 18-ton excavators and larger, Montabert’sĀ® heavy range hydraulic breakers are used for a variety of applications, including demolition, quarrying, mining and excavating.


  • Automatic variable speed technology senses changes in material hardness and adjusts impact energy and striking rate
    • Increases productivity based on the application
    • Reduces unnecessary harmful energy back to carrier and breaker to prevent wear on parts and components
    • Reduces blank-firing
  • Energy chamber acts as hydraulic shock absorber and reduces pressure variations in the hydraulic circuits to provide consistent energy to the breaker
    • Reduces pressure spikes
    • Keeps charge constant with no periodic maintenance required
  • Progressive start system prevents slipping by creating a small recess in the material before full power is applied
  • Blank-fire protection system reduces damage on all wear parts by providing a cushion of oil that reduces the energy
  • Automatic lubrication system assures the breaker is constantly lubricated to improve life span on wear parts and components
  • Optional equipment includes air pressurization kit for underwater applications, kits for tunneling
  • Automatic pressure regulator ensures hydraulic breaker operation pressure regardless of changes in outdoor temperature and delivering maximum performance across a large range of carriers