Hydraulic Drifters

At Montabert®, our drifters are the result of years of experience in hydraulic rock breakers and drifters design and manufacturing. With a deep knowledge in shock wave transmission and percussion mechanism theory, Montabert® was the first to develop innovative drilling concepts, such as hydraulic dampening and progressive blow energy.

Montabert® hydraulic drifters are recognized worldwide for high performance, reliability, long maintenance intervals and low tool consumption.


Progressive Blow Energy

  • The unique trapezoidal shape of the piston generated a perfect long shock wave
  • Better transmission of energy at the couplings
  • Minimum stress into the drilling rods
  • Better bit penetration

Hydraulic Dampening System

  • The action of the dampening piston, not only absorbs the lost part of reflected energy but ensure a constant, thrust onto the tools:
    • Hydraulic Dampening: Extends the life of striking bars
    • Optimum shock wave transmission
    • Protection of the drifter and tools
    • Reduced vibrations

Energy Recovery Valve

  • This valve allows the piston rebound energy to be utilized for the next blow, giving:
    • Better efficiency
    • No internal peak of pressure source of cavitation
    • Best drifter protection

Hydraulic Reverse Percussion

  • The optional hydraulic reverse percussion system insures a true back hammering:
    • Tool extraction in fractured ground
    • No rods left in the hole

Straight Holes Drilling