Montabert® is the worldwide leader for the design, production and distribution of hydraulic and pneumatic demolition and drilling equipment. We provide the highest quality equipment for a variety of industries, including construction and civil works, mining, and quarry.

Montabert® has always shown a great sense of innovation, remaining steadily at the forefront of technology.

A History of Innovation

1921 – Company was founded by Joannes Montabert as Montabert S.A in Lyon, France, as a manufacturer of pneumatic equipment.

1935 – Through the initiative of Suzanne Montabert, the company expanded its product line and added the Joy-Sullivan line of products under license.

1949 – Roger Montabert, managing director, initiated new product engineering through the creation of a Research and Development Department.

1961 – An Export Department was opened and Montabert® subsidiaries were created around Europe.

1963 – Montabert® introduced the first parallel boom assembly for underground drilling, known as the “burn cut” method.

1965 – Montabert® pioneered the first ever hand-held jackhammer powered by hydraulics. The transition from pneumatic to hydraulics led to more advancements in the hydraulics industry.

1969 – Montabert® introduced the first hydraulic rock breaker, BRH500, that could be attached to an excavator, beginning a successful hydraulic rock breaker product line. The hydraulic rock breaker became available worldwide.

1970 – The company launched the world’s first hydraulic out-of-the-hole drifter.

1978 – Montabert®developed a custom tunneling solution, using multiple booms on multiple drilling rigs, which allows simultaneous rock breaking in a semi-circular pattern. This tunneling solution is now used worldwide.

1987 – Montabert® introduced a variable breaker. The full variable breaker product line now includes eight models, which are the only 15-speed breakers in the world.

1999 – Montabert® introduced the BRV 65 model.

2002 – Montabert® was awarded the ISO 9001 certification V 2000 in 2002.

2004 – Montabert® introduced the SC range of light breakers for compact carriers.

2009 – Montabert® launched the Blue Line/N-Series, a value based rock breaker line for lighter duty applications.

2014 – Montabert® launched the 501NG.

2017 – Launches the CPA 295 Rock Drill Attachment.

2018 – Montabert® launched their largest breaker today, the V7000, at Conexpo.

2019 – The company moved to a new 50,000 square foot distribution center for the U.S. and a brand new state of the art East Coast Reman center in Chattanooga, TN.

2020 – Opening of West Coast Remanufacturing facility in Elko, NV.

Driven by Technology

Montabert’s® success is based on machinery and equipment at the forefront of technology: state of the art machining centers, a sophisticated Heat Treatment Department, and a Quality Department equipped with high precision devices geared to providing reliability, and product durability.

Our success can also be attributed to a first-class Research and Development Department that has been continuously improving and increasing, equipped with the latest technologies and benefiting from the best resources, technical as well as human. In addition, the members of our dynamic worldwide distribution network, in charge of sales, after-sales service and training, have been an instrumental part of our success.